• Is there a money-back satisfaction guarantee?

    We are passionate and committed to empowering you. Attend the GrazingforProfit™ School in its entirety with an open mind for learning, and we are confident you will receive the tools and knowledge to return home and improve your business and relationships. If, for any reason you don’t believe the GFP has delivered on our promise we will refund the entire course fee within one month of its completion.

  • What if I need more information before proceeding with my enrolment

    Absolutely no problem. Simply phone our team and we will get it sorted. Phone: 1800 356 004

  • Is there anything I should do to prepare for the School?

    Yes. When you enrol you will be sent pre-work. This pre-work will help you apply the business principles you will learn at the school to your own business.

  • How is the School taught?

    GFP is taught using an accelerated learning teaching style, which means it caters for different types of learning, promotes higher retention and you will reach a deeper level of understanding. Whether you have an honours degree, or didn’t finish high school, are an old bushie, or from the city, each and every participant is catered for! You will work in groups, specifically chosen to offer a broad range experience, helping you gain a broader knowledge base of the agricultural industry and the possibilities within. Graduates not only benefit from a support network through course, but into the future. During the school, there is a hands on field trip, where you can see what you’ve learnt in classroom in real life, and ask questions of people who are putting the principles into practice. This reinforces the learning, shows you the proof in the pudding, and puts you into contact with those already having success.

  • What are the course hours?

    The GFP School usually begins on a Wednesday and ends the following Tuesday. On Wednesday, the School begins at 2:00pm and ends at about 7:00pm when you’ll be our guest at a group dinner. Wednesday through to Tuesday, kick-off is at 8:00am and goes through to about 6:00pm. On the last night, you will again be our guest at a graduation dinner. Each night there will be homework to complete in which you’ll apply the principles of GrazingforProfit™ to your own business.

  • Does GFP run over a weekend or do you take those days off?

    The GFP School runs for 6.5 days straight, including the weekend, so that people can make the most of their time away from their home and business.

  • What does the course fee cover?

    The course fee includes tuition, pre-work materials, a workbook with a comprehensive set of School notes, lifetime access to our online vault of tools and 6 months complimentary access to the online Farmer’s Guide to Ruminant Nutrition home study pack. The fee also includes a meal package, which provides daily tea and coffee, morning and afternoon teas and lunches Wednesday through to Tuesday. RCS hosts two dinners on the first and last nights of the School for all participants.

  • Do I need to stay at the hotel where the School is held?

    No, but we recommend that even if participants live nearby, that they stay at the venue so that they can participate in the informal after-hours discussions. Some people commuting to the school have a harder time focusing on $100,000 issues facing their business because they are distracted doing the $10/hour chores at home before coming to class.

  • Are we on our own for meals?

    You’ll be on your own for breakfast and dinner, but the class eats lunch together (supplied by our host). RCS hosts a class dinner on the first and last evenings which is included in the fee.