Every ten years RCS holds a conference to cast a long view across the opportunities and challenges in the decade ahead. In July 2022 we brought together extraordinary minds from across the globe to tackle some of the biggest issues of our time.

The conference was themed around ‘Convergence: agriculture, human and planetary health’ and focussed on the interconnectedness of the three. Through a series of inspiring talks held by keynote speakers in attendance both physically and virtually, the event focussed on a convergence of solutions to some of our world’s most urgent environmental, social and economic challenges.

What we experienced, however, was more than just a convergence of solutions, ideas and minds – it was a pure and powerful convergence of hearts.

The Convergence Conference recording is now available for just $150 AUD


Package Inclusions

  • 1


    • Some Important Information

    • First up - finding your way around the RCS Global Learning Hub

    • Working your way around the screen, chapters and lessons

  • 2

    Day One

    • Before watching the next video

    • Welcome to Country

    • Professor Fred Provenza - We are the Earth and the Earth is us – how palates link foodscapes, landscapes, heartscapes and thoughtscapes

    • David McLean - Celebrating over 30 years in regenerative agriculture

    • Diana Rodgers RD - Feeding human health on a warming planet

    • Joel Williams - Roots for Resilience – a practical insight into building soil health, biodiversity and carbon

    • Walter Jehne - How large and small hydrology impacts global cycles and connects to agricultural futures

    • Panel Discussion - Feeding people and the future of farming

    • Before watching the next video - Language warning

    • Garlone Moulin - Life empowered by nature - a producer story

    • Robert Pekin and Gaala Watson - First Nations wisdom in practice at the Food Connect Shed

    • Professor Jacqueline McGlade - System convergence – Regenerating our food systems – a global perspective on natural prosperity and frugal abundance

    • RCS Convergence Conference Day 1 Wrap-up

  • 3

    Day Two

    • Zach Bush - The impact of agriculture on human health – the linkages, implications, insights and opportunities

    • John Kempf - Soil health, human health, energy and economics - the interconnections and future convergence

    • Dianne Haggerty - Natural intelligence farming - a producer story

    • Lorraine Gordon - Convergence in regenerative education

    • Sarah McCrum - The Consciousness of Money: Moving Between 3D and 5D to Influence the Material World

    • Katherine Trebeck - The New Economics – ideas for a grown up economy

    • Dr Terry McCosker - What agriculture requires for a ‘social licence to operate’

    • Dr Charles Massy OAM - Regenerating long co-evolved agricultural, human, animal and planetary systems towards health

    • RCS Convergence Conference Wrap-up