Why do this course?

Course curriculum

    1. Purpose of this drought management program

    2. Using the Workbook

    3. What is a drought?

    4. The RCS Three Legged Pot

    5. What are the effects of drought?

    6. Understanding your climate

    7. Calculating Your Green Date

    8. Introduction to DSE

    9. Introduction to LSU

    10. What’s the difference between LSU and DSE?

    11. Matching Stocking Rate to Carrying Capacity

    12. Calculating Your Benchmark Carrying Capacity

    13. 3 Stages of Drought

    14. Producer Case Study - Melinee and Rob Leather at Barfield Station

    15. Producer Case Study - Case Study - Fred and Cath Clark at Euthulla

    16. Getting Started

    1. Drought Proofing People

    2. Strategy

    3. Biological Plan

    4. What are the core fundamentals of your business?

    5. Roles and responsibilities

    6. Communication

    7. Other tips/areas to consider for people

    8. Drought Proof Land

    9. Water Cycle, Soil and Land Health

    10. Build your health in the good seasons

    11. Water and Fencing Infrastructure

    12. Fire Management Plan

    13. Early Decision Making

    14. Other tips/areas to consider for land

    15. Drought Proofing Business

    16. Other tips/areas to consider for your business

    1. Drought management - what outcomes would you like to achieve?

    2. Communication and Managing People During a Drought

    3. Put it Into Action

    4. Important dates

    5. Look After Yourself

    6. Labour and Community During a Drought

    7. Look for Opportunities

    8. What is Happening in the Paddock?

    9. Early Action and Adjustments

    10. Mixed Farming Areas

    11. Are You Considering Feeding?

    12. Ask Yourself These Questions

    13. Know your figures

    14. Write a Plan and Communicate it

    15. Stockflow and Cashflow Tracking

    16. Drought Sales Income

    17. Other tips and areas to consider

    1. Drought Recovery People

    2. Drought Recovery Land

    3. Drought Recovery Livestock

    4. Drought Recovery Business

    1. Stuart Austin and Trisha Cowley, Ebor NSW

    2. James and Kimberley McClure, Wilcannia NSW

    3. Dave and Tracey Hegarty, Bourke NSW

    4. Katalpa Station, Broken Hill NSW

    5. Dan Lynch, North Qld and NT

    6. Robin and Evan Pensini, Cheela Plains Station WA

    1. List of resources

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