About this workshop

NOTE: This workshop is delivered online and will take place over 12 weeks.

Get back to doing what you love.

Do you dread the thought of a day in the office? Does the bookwork leave you feeling frustrated because you know you could be more effective, but not sure how?

You’re not alone. Most people on the land would rather be doing the good stuff – getting out in the paddock or spending their precious time with family. But the bookwork won’t do itself…

This is why we’ve developed the RCS Business Fundamentals Workshop. This online workshop will give you a solid handle on all the necessary business stuff while showing you how to become more proficient, organised and effective, so you can spend less time in the office and more on the things that make you happy.

The workshop covers four key areas:

1. KNOWLEDGE (education about basic
business principles). Learn about:

✔ The four different types of money
✔ How to read a balance sheet
✔ How to understand a profit and loss statement
✔ Understanding a stock/crop flow
✔ How to connect what happens in the paddock with what happens in the office
✔ The RCS 3 Secrets of Profit
✔ The critical difference between taxation and management accounting
✔ Cashflow analysis and economic analysis
✔ The key profit drivers/key performance indicators to know and use.

2. SYSTEMS (giving you an
awareness of what’s out there).

✔ Can you go paperless (or less paper)?
✔ How set up ‘one-touch’ mail handling
✔ Stress-Free Office Management (SFOM)
✔ What to file and how
✔ Setting up folders on your computer
✔ What software options are available (pro’s and con’s)

3. WITB (doing it all)
✔ Data entry without going mad
✔ Record keeping – what and how
✔ BAS/PAYG/Super

4. WOTB (using it to make decisions)
✔ Doing your own budget
✔ Doing another budget scenario that would increase profit
✔ Using a budget to actual report
✔ Gross margin /enterprise analysis
✔ Benchmarking and KPIs (key performance indicators)
✔ Reforecast

Using your own information, you’ll begin implementing what you learn straight away – no waiting until you get home to put new processes in place. You’ll also complete your own draft budget for the 2022/23 financial year during the workshop. 

Suitable for all skill and confidence levels. 

To really cement the connection between production and profit in your business, this workshop is best attended by the people who are responsible for the outside stuff, as well as the inside stuff.


  • What does this workshop cost?

    Early Bird $1,550 if paid one month prior. Full rate $1,950. All fees are per person and include GST.

  • What is included in the workshop fee?

    The workshop fee covers all course materials you'll need, world-class facilitation by an RCS presenter and online support.

  • What is the timetable for the workshop?

    This online workshop will take place over 12 weeks, and will include weekly live interactive webinars with professional RCS trainers.

  • How do I register?

    To register for the workshop, click the button above and follow the prompts. If you are not logged into an RCS Global Learning Hub account, an account creation page will appear first. Please either log in or create an account. The check-out page will appear after you've created or logged into your account. Please enter your credit card details to secure a place. Once you’ve enrolled, please complete the online preparation materials on the following screen. Workshop registrations work on an individual basis. If there is more than one person participating from your business, each person will need to register and pay with a unique Global Learning Hub account. If you would prefer to pay via group invoice, please contact the RCS office 1800 356 004 or [email protected].