The Managing for Profit program includes;

Access to 90-minute fortnightly live online discussion and training sessions held Thursdays at 12pm AEST, that are facilitated by a range of RCS team members with guest contributors where applicable. Program members can send in their questions to be discussed each fortnight.  NB. Sessions aren’t recorded so as to allow open and frank discussion of topics. 


Fortnightly commentary from the RCS Team containing critical analysis, reviews and thought-provoking articles (written specifically for the Managing for Profit program). 

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Great to have you enrolled!

    • Some Important Information

    • First up - finding your way around the RCS Global Learning Hub

    • Working your way around the screen, chapters and lessons

    • Managing for Profit purpose and rules of engagement

    • How to use Zoom with Managing for Profit

    • Joining link for live Zoom sessions

  • 2

    Getting the most out of the program

    • Got a topic or question for discussion?

  • 3

    MFP resources

    • How the resources section works

    • Principle Based Management: OVERVIEW

    • Access the RCS Members' Area for all the tools and templates - Username and password is different to your Hub login

  • 4

    Business Management Resources

    • Professional business management

    • Principle Based Management: BUSINESS

    • Benchmarking summary 2020-21 FY

    • Four different forms of money

    • Three things to consider when making a financial decision

    • RCS ForPLAE Model

    • Management Chart of Accounts User Guide

  • 5

    People Management Resources

    • Working with people

    • Principle Based Management: PEOPLE

    • Professional decision making

  • 6

    Soil and Plant Management Resources

    • Soil and plant management

    • Principle Based Management: SOIL HEALTH

    • Strategies and Incentives for Carbon Sequestration

    • Johnson-Su bioreactors - breakthrough in compost and soil health

  • 7

    Livestock & Grazing Management Resources

    • Grazing management

    • Principle Based Management: LAND & GRAZING

    • Principle Based Management: LIVESTOCK

    • Which grazing system should I implement?

    • Free Choice Supplements

    • Low Stress Stockhandling school dates and venues

    • Introduction to DSE

    • Introduction to LSU

    • McCosker Brew - Recipe and Instructions

    • Timing of Mating and Monthly Feed budget and stock flow spreadsheets

    • Sheep and Cattle Trading models to assess gross margin