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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Getting Started

    • Introducing your instructor

    • First up - get your audio sorted

    • How to make the most of your learning

    • Some Important Information

    • Start with the end in mind

  • 2

    Introduction to Grazing Charts

    • The WHY behind a grazing chart

    • How a paper grazing chart is laid out

  • 3

    Introduction to LSU and DSE

    • What’s the difference between LSU and DSE?

    • Introduction to LSU

    • Introduction to DSE

    • LSU and DSE Tables Download

  • 4

    Common questions

    • What is a Stock Day?

    • How many grazing charts do I set up?

  • 5

    Grazing Chart - Paddock Calculations

    • What information do I need?

    • Overview of what goes where

    • How to enter grazing information

    • Entering half day grazes

    • Entering second graze and cumulative totals

    • Entering long graze periods (multiple months)

    • Grazing multiple paddocks together – how to enter

    • How to fill in this area (MaiaGrazing)

    • What information do you now have?

    • How do you use this information?

  • 6

    Grazing Chart - Property Calculations

    • How is this different to paddock calculations?

    • What information do I need?

    • Rolling 12mth Rainfall

    • Rolling Stock Days for 12 Months - LSU

    • Rolling Stock Days for 12 Months - DSE

    • Calculating historical stock days

    • Getting to this in MaiaGrazing

    • How do you use this information?

  • 7

    Calculating Benchmark Carrying Capacity

    • My Carrying Capacity per 100mm

    • Calc BM CC SDH per 100mm- LSU

    • Calc BM CC SDH per 100mm- DSE

    • Using the Graze Period Calculator - SR to CC - LSU

    • Do I change my BM CC in different rainfall years

    • When do I change my carrying capacity?

    • What to do on Black Soils

  • 8

    Tips and Tricks

    • Have you made a calculator error?

    • How many units have I run in the past year?

  • 9

    What's next?

    • Congratulations on Completing How to Use Grazing Charts

    • Next Steps in Your Learning

    • How did we go with this course?