Course curriculum

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    • Welcome

    • Why we need some extra details from you - please complete on registration

    • Your Preferences - please complete as soon as possible after enrolling

    • Face to face school program information

    • A message from RCS on Regen Agriculture

  • 2

    Program components

    • Components of the Grazing for Profit course and program

    • Components of the Farming and Grazing for Profit course and program

    • Working your way around the screen

  • 3

    A recap on how the school works

    • A life changing experience that deals in depth with every part of your life, production, ecosystem and business.

    • Louise and Warren talk about the GFP journey

    • Key Principles and framework for the school program

    • What’s covered on each day?

    • How is the GFP School taught?

    • Teaching and learning approaches

    • Memory and retention

    • What can you expect following your GFP School?

  • 4

    Preparing for the GFP School days

    • What to bring with you

    • Why Pre -work?

    • About the Pre-work

    • Pre school reading - The "Blue Book"

    • Pre - work True False Questions

    • Graze Period Calculator

    • Graduates tell us why the pre-work is important

  • 5

    Some Frequently Asked Questions about F&GFP School days

    • I’ve never been good with numbers. Will I be able to keep up?

    • I'm experienced with numbers. Is this course too basic for me?

    • I don’t have a farming background – will I be able to manage the school?

    • When the course is over am I on my own to remember and apply these concepts and techniques?

    • Should I bring my financial statements?

    • What if I don’t want others to see my numbers?

    • My farm is different than most. Will the concepts and tools apply to me?

  • 6

    Getting you motivated

    • An RCS team member talks about the best aspects of the GFP school

    • What people are saying about Grazing for Profit schools

    • From those who have completed a GFP School

    • Can grazing and farming really be profitable?

    • What if the School doesn’t live up to my expectations?

    • An RCS team member talks about the best parts of the GFP School week

    • Excellent background and context reading

  • 7

    Some optional learning before GFP School

    • Some background knowledge that may help you on school days

    • A DRY HOPE • Short Film on Regenerative Agriculture

    • The why - a slighter longer explanation by Dr Terry McCosker

    • A positive change and country transformation case study

  • 8

    We look forward to seeing you at your chosen GrazingforProfit™ School

    • When you get back from your week at school - there will be more learning here for you.

  • 9

    Refresh my memory - WOTB

    • The key emphasis of the course - WOTB